Re: 2019-04-03 Docs WG Meeting notes

VM (Vicky) Brasseur

Huge thanks for doing this, Kieran! The roundup of the current docs is particularly helpful. There are a few docs still on which we'll need to get somehow represented in the TF world. I added a quick mention of that in the meeting notes.


As far as the Moving forward options, I'm strongly against the third one. While it would get us docs most quickly it also would be a big step backward in the TF-Juniper separation. The TF site already has a bunch of Juniper links, yeah, but those are slated for cleanup (at some point once alternatives exist, though I suppose they could simply be removed in the meantime?).




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Hi folks,

Ended up just me on today's call. :)  I wrote up some minutes here, which are simply notes.. feel free to review and discuss here and/or we can pick up next week.

Cheers, Kieran 

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