Three CFPs open for another month (-ish)

VM (Vicky) Brasseur <vmb@...>

Some of you may have seen it on the Slack, but there are three 2019 conferences that have CFPs open now:


  • KubeCon/CloudNative Europe (Barcelona; May 21-23). The CFP closes on **January 18th**. CFP link
  • Open Networking Summit (San Jose, CA; April 2-5). The CFP closes on **January 21st**. CFP link
  • Open Infrastructure Summit (formerly known as OpenStack Summit; Denver, CO; April 29-May 1). The CFP closes on **January 23rd**. CFP link


Please submit your Tungsten Fabric talks. It's OK to submit multiple talks to each conference, and/or submit the same talk(s) to all of the conferences.


If you need CFP assistance, drop by the #marketing-wg channel on Slack or subscribe to the Conferences mailing list and someone will be able to help you.


If you get a talk accepted to any of these events (or any others!), let the Marketing working group know so they can help promote it.


Now get out there and share your TF knowledge with the world!