Re: [discuss] So what does Gerrit actually get us, anyway?

VM (Vicky) Brasseur

Adding dev@, since the devs have skin in this game.


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Subject: [discuss] So what does Gerrit actually get us, anyway?


Will and I are sitting here in the lovely CloudOps offices in beautiful Montreal, having a little 2-person TF hackathon, and we got to talking…


Real Soon Now™,  we'll be moving the repos from Juniper to Gerrit and then mirroring them from Gerrit to GitHub.


But what exactly does Gerrit do for us, anyway?


Wouldn't just going directly from Juniper to GitHub and not do Gerrit at all entice more people to contribute and dramatically improve the contributor experience?


Neither of us have yet seen an explanation for why Gerrit *needs* to be involved at all.


Could someone please explain why it's needed and, if it turns out it's not really needed, could we please just not subject our community to the misery of having to use Gerrit?



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