Re: [External] [tungsten] Tungsten Fabric 5.0.1 release candidate

Paul Carver

Thanks Bogdan.


I think your reply just went to me and didn’t get broadcast to the mailing list because the “announce” list is moderated. I intentionally sent my “release candidate” email to the announce list but I probably should have cross-posted and/or directed people to reply to the dev mailing list instead of replying to the announce list. I’m posting my reply to you to the dev list in case anyone wants to carry on further discussion.


I haven’t been successful with the Helm based deployment, but I’ll see if I can find time to give the Ansible deployment a try.


Incidentally, did you setup/configure “simple gateway” or a physical SDN gateway? Or did you just use VNC console access to the VMs?


I’ll probably push the images to the tungstenfabric Docker Hub account tomorrow regardless of whether I get the Helm deployment working, but if you get a chance you might want to take a look at and see if you can run Tempest tests against your 5.0.1 deployment.


Those Tempest tests are what AT&T has developed internally for use against Contrail 3.x and we are working towards upstreaming them to Tungsten Fabric.




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From: Bogdan Ratiu <bratiu@...>
Sent: Thursday, August 30, 2018 09:05
To: announce@...
Cc: CARVER, PAUL <pc2929@...>
Subject: RE: [External] [tungsten] Tungsten Fabric 5.0.1 release candidate


Hi Paul,


Thanks for building the 5.0.1 containers.

Today we have used these containers to deploy using the contrain-ansible-deployer method. Everything went perfect and we have the 5.0.1 version up and running.

First thing I noticed is the new TF Login Logo on the login page.

I ran some sanity checks: create VNs, virtual routers, spawn some VMs and ping between them. All tests passed.




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From: announce@... <announce@...> On Behalf Of Paul Carver
Sent: Wednesday, August 29, 2018 6:14 PM
To: announce@...
Subject: [External] [tungsten] Tungsten Fabric 5.0.1 release candidate


I have built Tungsten Fabric containers using the manifest included below for the 5.0.1 release and pushed them to Docker Hub under my own Docker Hub account with the tag r5.0.1. I will be attempting to deploy them using the Contrail Helm Deployer (since Helm is AT&T’s preference) and if successful will push the same containers to Docker Hub under the tungstenfabric account


If anyone else wants to also try deploying these containers, especially via another installer such as the Ansible deployer, please go ahead and set your registry to my Docker Hub ID (pcarver) and let me know if you are successful. Ping me on Slack with any questions or concerns.


I’m hoping to announce the Tungsten Fabric 5.0.1 release by the end of this week.




<remote name="github" fetch=""/>


<default revision="refs/heads/master" remote="github"/>


<project name="contrail-build" remote="github" revision="ae7a389b70b18ffdc29c559c0b23f6a9e1c3f8f3" path="tools/build">

  <copyfile src="SConstruct" dest="SConstruct"/>


<project name="contrail-controller" remote="github" revision="d93fa9ffbd88be38f0516f737d3a92e575996c14" path="controller"/>

<project name="contrail-vrouter" remote="github" revision="4f209a34fc9ae809c45b5decfa0c79318fe17ef5" path="vrouter"/>

<project name="contrail-third-party" remote="github" revision="6d7ad8f226346809afa515c845e7cc797e5c4104" path="third_party"/>

<project name="contrail-sandesh" remote="github" revision="c6f41806da973f0a6130e214fdf763152694c876" path="tools/sandesh"/>

<project name="contrail-common" remote="github" revision="76997a86307ff70469eac51910fe18ec544fbfec" path="src/contrail-common"/>

<project name="contrail-analytics" remote="github" revision="a666e73204f39253ae6e0e4e884eac2d6da7424b" path="src/contrail-analytics"/>

<project name="contrail-api-client" remote="github" revision="7a63e212c87cba087d0909a1142c69707d843414" path="src/contrail-api-client"/>

<!-- Packages are split between contrail-packages and contrail-packaging -->

<project name="contrail-packages" remote="github" revision="8b36acaad513157da5c13c70137a2fba1aa26724" path="tools/packages">

  <copyfile src="packages.make" dest="packages.make"/>


<project name="contrail-provisioning" remote="github" revision="5f84edf5e478289b4461686d7fe7486a2c844fd2" path="tools/provisioning"/>

<project name="contrail-nova-vif-driver" remote="github" revision="e085cb692a2778367f2b567497ec3f2314ad9dc8" path="openstack/nova_contrail_vif"/>

<project name="contrail-neutron-plugin" remote="github" revision="af67d2304399d9751b32ce11e1097e00830c848c" path="openstack/neutron_plugin"/>

<project name="contrail-nova-extensions" remote="github" revision="ebc6cbc08338ded08056b08745c8b94932d1ef8a" path="openstack/nova_extensions"/>

<project name="contrail-heat" remote="github" revision="7e770345783f3de309e9ae680d9da951d633f5b2" path="openstack/contrail-heat"/>

<project name="contrail-web-storage" remote="github" revision="8fa06791899000cf35d47f66fde8896545e50fb6"/>

<project name="contrail-web-server-manager" remote="github" revision="df4c1efd1d3f699f28c3e0b81d9425fd86d120d4"/>

<project name="contrail-web-controller" remote="github" revision="0b8a4cef61ff3f2970545e25c7cc3b6e29c16083"/>

<project name="contrail-web-core" remote="github" revision="aff14a88e769126d5891ad641742e3a092ff7905"/>

<project name="contrail-webui-third-party" remote="github" revision="10d5493cc093e0b67e80af7e5b16b69f63e600ab" path="contrail-webui-third-party"/>

<project name="contrail-tripleo-puppet" remote="github" revision="d1fc0d74714549ee506cfe96a3837b5c2052d582" path="openstack/contrail-tripleo-puppet"/>

<!-- vCenter projects -->

<project name="contrail-java-api" remote="github" revision="db6b9fcf52995bab9a55fcc55749fa4b0d394a69" path="java-api"/>

<project name="vijava" remote="github" revision="9c6b48b3642975809e17ab00df75d81ec2e5ae46" path="vijava"/>

<project name="contrail-vcenter-plugin" remote="github" revision="74c0efcfaf7265c6bd00346481a79b0cf123627e" path="vcenter-plugin"/>

<project name="contrail-vcenter-manager" remote="github" revision="e7a7c51817bfb3d6ee798494df9764044c8be6f8" path="vcenter-manager"/>

<project name="contrail-vrouter-java-api" remote="github" revision="56d53c3f38714c04f1805107fcd18569d2df27cc" path="vrouter-java-api"/>

<project name="contrail-vro-plugin" remote="github" revision="8a5abb2c0274a6ecf7038f8e7bfba92bbcf27cbd" path="vro-plugin"/>

<!-- Used by OpenContrail CI jobs -->

<project name="contrail-fabric-utils" remote="github" revision="36572b964952d3eca72400f98b49d9f9b7b6121d" path="third_party/fabric-utils"/>

<project name="contrail-dpdk" remote="github" revision="c5841c5284bca2f6f1afe077131489674324db1c" path="third_party/dpdk"/>

<!-- contrail-specs repository contains per-branch directories, use master revision explicitly -->

<project name="contrail-specs" remote="github" revision="4e846419a754272cec3132d4a50b3ad50e9dc3d1" path="contrail-specs"/>

<project name="contrail-test" remote="github" revision="f546e5749ec6dcee41c083ca3c89c778052fbfb2" path="third_party/contrail-test"/>





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