Standalone Vrouter



I'm trying to play around with the vrouter. I want to test it on it's own.

I found a guide inside the Google Drive (tech/vrouter/Isolated vRouter 4_0 Setup and Testing.docx)
That looks like what I want to do. Although that guide is almost a year out of date.

I tried that guide. When I get to the `vif` commands, it fails with:

> Error registering NetLink client: No such file or directory (2)

I'm stuck. What does this error mean? I've looked through the source code which spits out that message, and I can't understand it.

That guide uses version R4.1. I also tried R5.0, but that won't compile, because of a missing file.

I tried compiling the contrail-vrouter repo. That results in a compilation error to do with a bad SConstruct file. (I'm not familiar with scons, so couldn't debug it.)


I tried building a docker container with vrouter with the contrail-container-builder repo. I ran into build issues there too.

Matthew Davis