TF - Gerrit and Easy CLA

Vanessa Valderrama

We've had a lot of requests and questions regarding Gerrit account issues, Contributor Agreements and creating branches. Hopefully this information will help everyone to resolve their issues quickly.

Gerrit login issues

  • If you are unable to log into Gerrit, please open a ticket at
    • To resolve your issue quickly, please provide your LFID username and email address

Contributor Agreements

  • If you are trying to push a patch and get an error "No Contributor Agreement on file for user..."
    • Log into Gerrit, click Settings
    • Click Agreements
    • Click New Contributor Agreement
    • If you work for an Organization select CCLA and sign the agreement for your organization. If not select ICLA and sign the Individual Contributor Agreement


  • Only repository committers can create branches
    • If you aren't a committer, please reach out to an existing committer. The committers can be found in the INFO.yaml file of each repository.

Committer Promotion

  • The committer promotion process can be found in the Project Governance:
    • Please see section Adding Committers
      •     Adding Committers
        Initial Committers for a project will be specified at project creation
        Committer rights for a project are earned via contribution and community trust. Committers for a project select and vote for new Committers for that project, subject to TSC approval.
        New Committers for a project should have a demonstrable established history of meritocratic contributions.

Hopefully this helps clear up confusion and helps the community issues resolved quickly.

Thank you,