TF r5.0.1 release notes and getting started guide

Edward Ting

Community official r5.0.1 release notes and getting started guide are available.
Welcome to all comments as well as volunteers.

Note the current version is based on .rst format. One can use sphinx-build to generate HTML format from rst.

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Community Team Drive Access

Gregory Elkinbard

Hi folks we are migrating all of our files from team drive to the wiki.

Drive access has been switched to view only.




TF Community Update #poll

Casey Cain

Hello, everyone.

This is a reminder that the Tungsten Fabric Community Governance document needs to be approved and finalized by September 11th, 2018.  This document will impact all members of the Community and your vote matters.

You can review and comment on the document as linked below:

Please submit your vote no later than Sep 11th.  If you have any questions regarding this document, please join us on the weekly governance call or submit your questions to the discuss@... mailing list.

Casey Cain

Thank you for voting. Results will be available when the poll is closed.

Tungsten Fabric 5.0.1 release candidate

Paul Carver

I have built Tungsten Fabric containers using the manifest included below for the 5.0.1 release and pushed them to Docker Hub under my own Docker Hub account with the tag r5.0.1. I will be attempting to deploy them using the Contrail Helm Deployer (since Helm is AT&T’s preference) and if successful will push the same containers to Docker Hub under the tungstenfabric account


If anyone else wants to also try deploying these containers, especially via another installer such as the Ansible deployer, please go ahead and set your registry to my Docker Hub ID (pcarver) and let me know if you are successful. Ping me on Slack with any questions or concerns.


I’m hoping to announce the Tungsten Fabric 5.0.1 release by the end of this week.




<remote name="github" fetch=""/>


<default revision="refs/heads/master" remote="github"/>


<project name="contrail-build" remote="github" revision="ae7a389b70b18ffdc29c559c0b23f6a9e1c3f8f3" path="tools/build">

  <copyfile src="SConstruct" dest="SConstruct"/>


<project name="contrail-controller" remote="github" revision="d93fa9ffbd88be38f0516f737d3a92e575996c14" path="controller"/>

<project name="contrail-vrouter" remote="github" revision="4f209a34fc9ae809c45b5decfa0c79318fe17ef5" path="vrouter"/>

<project name="contrail-third-party" remote="github" revision="6d7ad8f226346809afa515c845e7cc797e5c4104" path="third_party"/>

<project name="contrail-sandesh" remote="github" revision="c6f41806da973f0a6130e214fdf763152694c876" path="tools/sandesh"/>

<project name="contrail-common" remote="github" revision="76997a86307ff70469eac51910fe18ec544fbfec" path="src/contrail-common"/>

<project name="contrail-analytics" remote="github" revision="a666e73204f39253ae6e0e4e884eac2d6da7424b" path="src/contrail-analytics"/>

<project name="contrail-api-client" remote="github" revision="7a63e212c87cba087d0909a1142c69707d843414" path="src/contrail-api-client"/>

<!-- Packages are split between contrail-packages and contrail-packaging -->

<project name="contrail-packages" remote="github" revision="8b36acaad513157da5c13c70137a2fba1aa26724" path="tools/packages">

  <copyfile src="packages.make" dest="packages.make"/>


<project name="contrail-provisioning" remote="github" revision="5f84edf5e478289b4461686d7fe7486a2c844fd2" path="tools/provisioning"/>

<project name="contrail-nova-vif-driver" remote="github" revision="e085cb692a2778367f2b567497ec3f2314ad9dc8" path="openstack/nova_contrail_vif"/>

<project name="contrail-neutron-plugin" remote="github" revision="af67d2304399d9751b32ce11e1097e00830c848c" path="openstack/neutron_plugin"/>

<project name="contrail-nova-extensions" remote="github" revision="ebc6cbc08338ded08056b08745c8b94932d1ef8a" path="openstack/nova_extensions"/>

<project name="contrail-heat" remote="github" revision="7e770345783f3de309e9ae680d9da951d633f5b2" path="openstack/contrail-heat"/>

<project name="contrail-web-storage" remote="github" revision="8fa06791899000cf35d47f66fde8896545e50fb6"/>

<project name="contrail-web-server-manager" remote="github" revision="df4c1efd1d3f699f28c3e0b81d9425fd86d120d4"/>

<project name="contrail-web-controller" remote="github" revision="0b8a4cef61ff3f2970545e25c7cc3b6e29c16083"/>

<project name="contrail-web-core" remote="github" revision="aff14a88e769126d5891ad641742e3a092ff7905"/>

<project name="contrail-webui-third-party" remote="github" revision="10d5493cc093e0b67e80af7e5b16b69f63e600ab" path="contrail-webui-third-party"/>

<project name="contrail-tripleo-puppet" remote="github" revision="d1fc0d74714549ee506cfe96a3837b5c2052d582" path="openstack/contrail-tripleo-puppet"/>

<!-- vCenter projects -->

<project name="contrail-java-api" remote="github" revision="db6b9fcf52995bab9a55fcc55749fa4b0d394a69" path="java-api"/>

<project name="vijava" remote="github" revision="9c6b48b3642975809e17ab00df75d81ec2e5ae46" path="vijava"/>

<project name="contrail-vcenter-plugin" remote="github" revision="74c0efcfaf7265c6bd00346481a79b0cf123627e" path="vcenter-plugin"/>

<project name="contrail-vcenter-manager" remote="github" revision="e7a7c51817bfb3d6ee798494df9764044c8be6f8" path="vcenter-manager"/>

<project name="contrail-vrouter-java-api" remote="github" revision="56d53c3f38714c04f1805107fcd18569d2df27cc" path="vrouter-java-api"/>

<project name="contrail-vro-plugin" remote="github" revision="8a5abb2c0274a6ecf7038f8e7bfba92bbcf27cbd" path="vro-plugin"/>

<!-- Used by OpenContrail CI jobs -->

<project name="contrail-fabric-utils" remote="github" revision="36572b964952d3eca72400f98b49d9f9b7b6121d" path="third_party/fabric-utils"/>

<project name="contrail-dpdk" remote="github" revision="c5841c5284bca2f6f1afe077131489674324db1c" path="third_party/dpdk"/>

<!-- contrail-specs repository contains per-branch directories, use master revision explicitly -->

<project name="contrail-specs" remote="github" revision="4e846419a754272cec3132d4a50b3ad50e9dc3d1" path="contrail-specs"/>

<project name="contrail-test" remote="github" revision="f546e5749ec6dcee41c083ca3c89c778052fbfb2" path="third_party/contrail-test"/>





Paul Carver

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Re: Binary neutron server restarting

Sukhdev Kapur

Please provide the container logs so that we can see what is happening.





From: <main@...> on behalf of Francisco Claudio Araujo Palmeira <fclaudiopalmeira@...>
Reply-To: "main@..." <main@...>
Date: Monday, August 27, 2018 at 6:49 AM
To: "main@..." <main@...>
Subject: [tungsten] Binary neutron server restarting


Hello guys,


Every other container is fine, but kolla/centos-binary-neutron-server:queens keeps trying to start with no sucess, have anyone seen this?what could it be?


Thank you in Advance

Binary neutron server restarting

Francisco Claudio Araujo Palmeira

Hello guys,

Every other container is fine, but kolla/centos-binary-neutron-server:queens keeps trying to start with no sucess, have anyone seen this?what could it be?

Thank you in Advance

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