Re: Coming Soon: A New URL for Gerrit

DW Talton

Hi Everyone,

The Gerrit migration is complete!

The existing Gerrit at is set to read-only, so you can no longer commit to it.

The new Gerrit resides at, and is identical to the old Gerrit as of the time of the migration. Everything should work the same as before, with the only change being the upstream origin URL.

  • Note: Jira issue linking is temporarily disabled on the new Gerrit as the Jira JWS callback URLs (likely) need to get updated by Juniper to reflect the new source URL.
  • Note: The new Gerrit is fully supported by The Linux Foundation, so if you have any issues, please open a support ticket at

Thanks for you patience. I know this was a long time coming and that there may be a little more pain as we clean up from the migration, but we're very happy to have this onboarded on the LF!


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