Add your ideas for the LFN Unconference at ONS EU!

VM (Vicky) Brasseur <vmb@...>

LFN is hosting an unconference at ONS EU in Antwerp in a few weeks. So far there are no Tungsten Fabric related topics proposed, and that's sad-making.


If you're going to be at ONS EU, leading an unconference session is a great way to share TF with a larger audience and help the community. It doesn't take much effort to do and can have a huge impact.


Have any ideas for TF sessions? Maybe you want to walk through a piece of code, discuss the transition to DPDK, talk about performance metrics, or have a panel on service chaining. There are tons of potential topics, but so far none of them are on the wiki page for the unconference:


You can sign into that wiki using your existing LF ID, so add your TF-related unconference sessions today!




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