Re: TF Gerrit Maintenance - 2021-07-13 14:00 UTC to 2200 UTC

Vanessa Valderrama

Now that the migration is complete we need to make sure the INFO files are updated with the LFID of the PTLs and committers. If you are a PTL or comitter please update the INFO file for your repos with your LFID and the email address associated with your LFID.

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On 7/13/21 2:59 PM, Vanessa Valderrama wrote:

The Gerrit Auth0 migration is complete.

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Andy, Chandra, and Vanessa

On 7/13/21 9:04 AM, Vanessa Valderrama wrote:

Starting maintenance. Gerrit will be unavailable during the maintenance window. Feel free to check for status updates at

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On 7/12/21 1:16 PM, Vanessa Valderrama wrote:

This is a reminder that The Linux Foundation will be performing maintenance on July 13th.

Status updates will be available at

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On 6/24/21 1:53 PM, Vanessa Valderrama wrote:


The Linux Foundation is migrating to our new SSO service in an effort to roll out a more consistent login experience across all Linux Foundation Projects Services.

There is an overall FAQ on the transition available here If you have any problems with the new login experience, please let our support team know at


2021-07-13 14:00 UTC to 2200 UTC


The following systems will be unavailable during the maintenance window:
  •     Gerrit
  •     Jenkins

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